betty wicked #1 review

Storyline: C+

Artwork: B

Top Secret Pass presents Betty Wicked, the first issue of an ongoing series that features Elizabeth Wicked, a young witch who lives in a haunted house in Virginia. She spends most of her days practicing her arts and spells but there is a threat on the horizon that will make her practice a lot more practical!

John Daniel Taylor IV betty wicked review

Betty is also a Paranormal investigator, one who is quite in touch with the spirit world; as one can see from the opening of the book, Betty is able to sense a non-human entity in any circumstance. Someone breaks into her home in and steals her book of spells. One that contains spells from the most advanced druids and when the thief shrugs off one of her spells Betty immediately knows that she is going to need help on this case. This first issue introduces another “talented” individual, Frank, a man that also shares a special connection to the realm of the supernatural. Together with Frank, Betty tracks down the thief as the true enemy is made known to our protagonists.

This issue has more of a Buffy type of feel to it. This is not some happy go lucky Sabrina or Charmed type book. The evil forces at play look menacing and the other evil forces that are yet to come look kinky…yet menacing. So this book is one that is aimed more for the mature reader. It contains a few instances of graphic violence, but it would seem that more are to follow. It may not boast the best writing ever, but it gets the point across and does a great job of setting the tone of this series.

betty wicked review

The art is impressive boasting some nice detail and great colouring. The illuminated colours shown by spell castings look great and they really jump off of the page. It is not a gritty read as one can see from the colour choices used in the backgrounds; even the characters make use of lighter colours. Betty Wicked strives to entertain and it does just that. It uses some great and risqué illustrations, and the art works well when it comes to up tempo action scenes.

I can see this as a TV series for sure, even though it might be one that I would not follow religiously. Point is that it has potential. So support Top Secret Pass and their Kickstarter campaign today!

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