After the tragic events of ‘Final Crisis’ Batman is thought to be dead. In the aftermath, his former protégé Dick Grayson and son Damian take up the reins as the new Batman and Robin. While the greater public is unaware of Batman and Bruce Wayne’s death, the evil Dr. Tommy Elliot a.k.a. Hush is. After having plastic surgery to make himself look exactly like Bruce Wayne, Hush attempts to usurp Bruce’s identity in order to exact revenge on Wayne posthumously. Can Dick and Damian succeed as the new Batman and Robin and defeat Hush, while still reigning in Gotham’s most dangerous criminals?

batman streets of gotham hush money comic book

WRITER: Paul Dini
PENCILLER: Dustin Nguyen
INKER: Derek Fridoles
COLOURISTS: John Kolisz Guy Major
LETTERERS: Jared K Fletcher John J. Hill Steve Wands
ISBN: 9781848567771

This first volume in the series is separated into six chapters, each dealing with Hush’s plans to destroy the Wayne Empire. In between, villains like Catwoman, The Penguin, Firefly and Black Mask are incorporated into the story. The first and most enjoyable chapter focuses on Hush and his failed suicide. He eventually decides to go ahead with his plan to become Bruce Wayne and from here follows a short but highly enjoyable James Bond like romp around the world. Each story introduces a new villain and their connection to Batman. Dini writes smoothly and lucidly and working the story from the villain’s perspective works great, especially with Hush.

The art closely resembles the animated series. While not very detailed or rich in colour it works in making each scene and panel easy to interpret and understand. The simple quality of the art makes it is easy and pleasing on the eye and it avoids an over drawn or cluttered approach. This first issue is a great read and Hush’s character is a winner in the overall canon of Gotham villains.

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