DC Rebirth Batman #1
Pages: 27
ISBN: 7619413401660

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Sporting a new look in Batman: Rebirth #1, The Dark Knight goes toe-to-toe with the season changing Calendar Man. Will Batman be the hero Gotham knows him to be and will he have Robin by his side?

Batman: Rebirth #1

Batman has always been one of the most solid comics produced by DC, one that has been established and one that does not need to be changed. Seeing his new costume made me think, “Another re-telling of the old story… again?” But you’ll be glad to know this is not the case. Batman: Rebirth #1 follows on from where Snyder and Capullo’s conclusion of the final volume.

Duke is no longer Robin. He is destined to be something else. However, whatever he is at the moment is not looking great in costume design. Batman: Rebirth #1 has a rather low-level villain as its main focus is on Duke Thomas and him being invited to become Batman’s new ally.

Even though Calendar Man is a rather low-level villain, he is given a new, drastic and disgusting rebirth. He literally rebirths with the seasons. He lives in Summer, dies in Winter and resurrects in Spring. So he has eternal Spring on the agenda, even if it comes at the expense of millions of lives.

Batman: Rebirth #1

The art is great and works with the story being told. It is bright where it needs to be showing us that Bruce has a healthier look at life but it is also dark when it needs to be, letting us know that this is still Gotham and crime goes hand-in-hand with the city. The characters are filled with detail whether they be in costume or not. The art style pays very close attention to detail and this is impressive, especially when Duke enters the Batcave and you see a Tumbler lurking in the background. This is what is on offer here; intricate details that are pleasing on the eye.

For the most part, nothing amazing happens in this issue. It exists to show us that Duke has a different relationship with Batman. He is not like the Robins before him. He is destined to be someone else; something else. Hopefully, the reason for him being different will come to light in the issues to follow.

Batman: Rebirth #1

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