Pages: 31

Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The Caped Crusader gets a fresh title in the New 52 run, one which will see a vast array of writers contribute to creating a Batman adventure unlike any that we have seen before.

James Tynion IV offers Scott Snyder a helping hand as they create an interesting script for what lies ahead in Batman Eternal. The script focuses on the GCPD and a new transfer officer from Detroit. Jason Bard has yet to understand the true nature of Gotham. He is clearly a stranger to the city and its protector. Bard knows that Gotham is not innocent, but as the reader you are not sure if Bard is either. They are still in the early stages of exploring this new character, and even though he may seem good, the protectors of Gotham are renowned for being bad. Even the innocent can be corrupted in Gotham. This is precisely why Gotham is a city in need of a saviour. Batman stays true to his character, believing that Gotham has good in it and is not a lost cause, and the GCPD is used to show just how dangerous this city has become. Major Forbes embodies corruption and plays the foil to both Bard and Batman, illustrating the fact that crime can corrupt everyone, even those who are sworn in to protect the citizens cannot protect themselves from the evils of man.

The art in this issue is great and picturesque; every panel just screams out “Batman”. The panels and backgrounds are filled with darkness thanks to the tag team use of grit and shadow. The opening page just shows the level of talent possessed by Jason Fabok. He shows the reader all of the characters that are under the cape of The Dark Knight. Fabok’s attention to detail is admirable; it creates a powerful read that looks great from cover to cover. Facial expressions are clear and identifiable, whilst the background details are outstanding.

Batman Eternal #1 makes for a great read that comes with a strong recommendation. This new story has so much potential. From here on one can feel confident that Batman Eternal is being drawn and scripted by artists and writers that care for the character and what he embodies. Expect new gadgets, new heroes and some good old corruption… Gotham style.

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