Batman Detective Comics No. 2

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Written & Drawn by: Tony Salvador Daniel
Inks: Ryan Winn & Sandu Florea
Lettering: Jared K. Fletcher

Overview: Bruce Wayne is vulnerable as the media and the public begin to question his lifestyle; is it a facade or can the billionaire playboy really be such a wild party animal and an astute, well-organised businessman at the same time? Meanwhile, Arkham Asylum suffers a breakout in the form of the Joker. Could a kidnapping from the hospital somehow be connected to the Joker’s disappearance?

While the first release focused on the Batman, issue number 2 focuses on Bruce Wayne as well; allowing us to enter into the fast-paced lifestyle of Wayne. In this second release, Daniel manages to show the tight-rope that the main protagonist walks between his two alter-egos. The dialogue is charming and once again we are treated to Bruce’s womanising. This aspect of the character’s world is well written and the artwork, light and soft. The colours are not too bright or too muted even though a strong, greyish-brown palette is used.

When Batman does appear the story gets better and the intrigue of the Joker’s escape is genuine. The introduction of the Dollmaker and his sick cronies is truly disturbing. A greyish sheen is found throughout the colouring and adds a nice touch. The story ends on a cliff-hanger, leaving you wanting more. Overall, Daniel has done a great job with this legendary series.

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