Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

Rewired is the first in an eight issue run written by “Nightwing” writer Kyle Higgins. After years of Adam Beechen penning the stories, DC has handed over the Batman Beyond franchise to a new writer.


Following on from the end of Beechen’s run (although set a year later), Batman Beyond 2.0 is not a complete reboot, but the flash-forward has allowed for a few changes. The story opens with the introduction to a new Arkham Asylum, one that is supposed to be more secure. Is it even possible to make Arkham secure? When the mayor falls victim to a rather suspicious looking circumstance, Commissioner Gordon is left feeling uneasy. It all seems too coincidental. So where was Batman? He was left fighting a re-emergency of an old threat. In fact, Terry is only made aware of the circumstances the day after. And so the Detective work begins.

The art in this comic is impressive to say the least. Although a new team has been used, the character models and their looks have not changed. Instead, Silas has taken their look and improved on it. By using his minimalist style, the characters do not look distracting and it allows Andrew Elder’s colouring to capture the audience. The colours employed in Batman Beyond 2.0 #1 are appealing, strong and focused, much like the protagonist. It captures the essence of the classic cartoon series without coming across as being cartoony.

Batman-Beyond-2.0-1-Review-comic review

This issue serves as a solid introduction to a new take on Neo-Gotham. Kyle Higgins manages to transfer his writing to another title and make it a success. There are many familiar faces used in this issue and we see that Terry has still not sorted out his personal life as yet. You may read it and be left wanting more Batman action scenes, but this issue serves its purpose and that is to introduce a new crime and a new adventure. An adventure that will hopefully explain the time-delay that lead to Batman not being aware of a high ranking official’s death in Gotham.

Batman-Beyond-2.0-1 comic

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