Storyline: B

Artwork: C

Bang Bang Lucita is a Western that follows the story of Lucita, a Mexican emigrant who has come to Harrisburg seeking greener pastures in the land of opportunity. Being a cook in a local kitchen, Lucita seems to be nothing more than a hard worker in a foreign country. But looks can be deceiving as many will find out in this issue!

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President Ulysses S. Grant has decided to make a trip to Harrisburg in order to address the people with a speech. The President is a good man that believes in equal rights and Lucita takes a liking to him. So when a group of bandits crash the Presidential speech and threatens the life of a man that she considers to be somewhat of a role model to her. She does not take it lightly. The cook changes her uniform and becomes Bang Bang Lucita a dangerous vixen with a talent for killing.The writing in this issue gives me that Desperado feel. Yes, this does not exude a Bandidas feel at all. It is not a hectic thought absorbing plot. It is a Western which has the good vs the bad, but no ugly.

The art gives that Zenescope feel. Lucita has some great “assets” which will surely distract the reader as much as it does her enemy. She is a strong athletic looking woman so the thought of her being a threat is definitely believable. She makes her presence known as violence strikes the page… with precision. Thea art and colouring are decent, there are instances when the proportions seems to be inconsistent, the character faces also seem to look different at times, the only thing that seems to remain the same is Lucita’s chest! There is a little added sheen in the colouring on character faces, this cause some of the closer detail to be lost at times and it makes characters look different even when they feature in multiple frames on the same page.

Bang Bang Lucita introduces a female character that is strong, literally. We have yet to see her develop a strong personality as she shows off a little more depth of character. As of right now she seems to be some foreign eye-candy that just happens to have some great skills in the art of killing. Hopefully we will learn more about Lucita and her past in the issues to come.

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