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Artwork: A

Sticking with the movie theme, The Auteur #1 follows a struggling producer who seems to be the laughing stock of Hollywood. But his next movie he believes will earn him the respect that he truly deserves. Sounds pretty straight forward, but this is when Rick spears you in the gut with a zany, violent over the top adventure. Rick experiences an epiphany like no other – seriously you should have a look at the illustrations that show his moment. We are then beamed into the past, as our protagonist Rex Nathan goes on his journey of discovering his greatest production yet. We are treated to the company of strange individuals from a foul mouthed movie legend to a church themed strip joint.

Rex will not admit his failure, but as the reader can see, it has made him lose his wits. His pride blinds him to his very own Hollywood meltdown and this culminates in him ending up with a pitch. Then amongst the realm of mediocrity and cheap thrills his big break hits him, “President’s Day”, a hack and slash horror featuring Abraham Lincoln as the bringer of pain. What follows is a series of graphic mutilations all at the hands of the former president. The images will have your stomach in knots, but so will Rex. He is a crazy character with a vast array of fetishes. He is a protagonist that truly adds to this experience, one that you cannot wait to see produce his best film yet.

The art is as over the top as the comic itself, it is filled with psychedelic neon and pastels. Callahan has provided some great penciling. Everything s is highly detailed, especially the violence which is amplified by the colouring. This story cannot be taken too seriously and the facial expressions used will make sure of this. It is almost cartoony but this is used for the absurd humour that this comic is offering. It works well.

This series is definitely not one for the kids; it is a gory trip into the mind of a Hollywood great. Well, he is great in his mind and that is exactly what makes Rex bearable as his actions certainly do not. The Auteur offers the imagination that many titles do not have on offer. Unlike the mainstream titles that survive on name alone, this comic is trying to create its own name and it looks like Rick Spears has had his very own epiphany in the form of the Auteur #1.

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