Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Assassin’s Creed #1 revolves around the life of Charlotte De La Cruz, who sees herself as a real-life Robin Hood in the digital word and real world.


She feels stuck in a dead-end job and might have thrown her opportunity away of working at World Share. Soon she finds out that there is more to her connection as part of The Brotherhood than she may know.

Outside the digital world, Charlotte is a banker and trying to move out of a job that is taking her nowhere slowly, but blows the only chance she got at moving up the banking world by demolishing her interview. She soon discovers that The Brotherhood does exist when she gets approached by members of the organisation that need her help in finding out some valuable information. Charlotte then realises that not only were her ancestors Assassins and part of The Brotherhood, but she is the key into going back into the past to help the organisation find a valuable object of power before the Templars do. Charlotte is more than willing and dedicated to help but they neglect to mention that this mission could destroy her.

The artwork and fighting scenes are put together very well. The animation in the fast movements, running and also the blood factor are what I would expect from Assassin’s Creed. The flow of the comic is easy to follow and storyline got me hooked right away. This is a very good read.



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