Pages: 368
ISBN: 9780425262962

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

First of all, straight off the bat, this book based off the most recent Assassins Creed Game is something very much for the fans of the series and this game in particular. Newcomers will find it extremely hard to get into it, and I completely understand why. However, as a companion piece for any die-hard fan (as I myself am) I found it surprisingly engaging.

The novel roughly charts the events of the game as a narrative, with an initial section added to the beginning and end that expands beyond both. It is written in a first person perspective from the protagonist. Edward Kenway, and this is a good choice, as seeing inside his mind is something the game never really gave us, and which makes relieving his acts all the more relevant. I recommend that anyone reading this book finish the game first, as the most important plot points in the game are explained in a rather less impressive fashion within the novel, but at the same time, you gain a much higher appreciation for various characters and how they are fleshed out in the novel if you already know of them within the game. Certain actions and paths they take have much more weight behind them with the addition of this history added, and especially so when it comes to Edward, who becomes a surprisingly well-rounded and dynamic trouble hero as opposed to the more flat figure he was in the game.

This book is not very complicated textually, and is good for fans of the games of all ages; however, newcomers won’t really see the point of it. If you can’t get enough of Black Flag, you should definitely pick it up. As novelizations go, it’s as good as can be expected.

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