Pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 725130245908 03011

Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Having just finished the Ash Vs Evil Dead TV show, I have been looking for more Army of Darkness material and thanks to Dynamite comics my search has come to an end.


Dynamite comics presents Army of Darkness Furious Road, a brand new story arc that finds Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula’s Daughter looking for the infamous Ash and his book of the dead.

The story opens with a new band of heroes all on a race to find the Book of the Dead. The supernatural finds themselves aligning with man in order to stop the demonic dead from taking control of what is left of the world. As they battle with some demons, they find themselves on course for the S’Mart store. They have no idea what is in store for them as they are about to meet the guardian known as Ashley Williams. Will the supernatural be able to side with Ash in order to protect what is left of humanity or will the demonic undead be in the driving seat in this all new arc?


The art is dark and gritty which works well as it contrasts with the humour that Ash can bring to the fore. The opening scene is action packed and is somewhat of a chase scene. The art is good so the chase is easy to follow and the reader does not have to struggle to identify facial expressions. The art is far from being scary. It may be dark but it is far from being a serious no-nonsense story. How could a story be serious with Ash around?

This issue does its job. It sets the basis for a brand new Army of Darkness arc. It is not the strongest or most memorable issue but it holds some promise, especially if you are a fan of the franchise. With the Supernatural on his side, will Ash finally get the Deadites to rest in peace?


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