Pages: 32

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

Bane is back and he is ready to cripple Gotham and all those who oppose him! Arkham War #1 makes up for the flaws of Bane’s villain month issue. We see villains versus villains in an attempt to control Gotham.

This is the Bane we know and love, a military tact villain, not the roid rage numbskull that “Batman and Robin” portrayed him as. This Bane gives us that Dark Knight Rises feel. Like No Man’s Land, the events of Forever Evil has left villains attempting to gain territory within Gotham. But Bane does not want territory he wants it all. He wants to rule Gotham! At this moment there are no heroes, only villains and victims as we see Bane’s forces rip through what was left of the Gotham City Police Department in a battle much like the one witnessed in The Dark Knight Rises. This is really an action packed issue!

What I also love about Arkham War #1 is that we are getting the same Bane that Nolan gave us last year. He is focused, threatening and bent on claiming Gotham as his own. His dialogue is also great, although my imagination is no longer hearing him speak in his Latin accent. I am hearing Tom Hardy’s interpretation of Bane’s voice in my mind. But this is a good thing! You can expect to see many other villains in the mix, all of them having one thing in common… Batman. Proffesor Pyg is noticeably disturbing in this issue. This villain, who is often considered a low level villain, shows how much of a threat he can be. Although Pyg’s dialogue is somewhat confusing and incoherent, his actions certainly speak louder than his words. He even finds the time to go “Human Centipede” style on some of his victims!

This issue looks good as well. The art in the book is consistent with the cover, but it is the fight scenes that stick out. The action just bursts off the page, almost sucker punching the reader with awesomeness! Bane is presented well. You can see that he is a formidable opponent in stature and in intellect. Arkham War #1 does a great job of making Bane look good as a bad guy, which is rather ironic! The series of detailed images in this issue just draw you into the excitement of what lies ahead for Gotham.

After a rather mediocre Villain Month issue, Bane is back with a bang! Although it recaps quiet a bit, Arkham War #1 gives off a lot of promise and show us the brutality of the war that lies ahead. Right now Gotham is pressured and tense as villains fight for territory, but Bane shows us he wants it all. So expect the unexpected. Bane is as focused as ever. There will be casualties!

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