Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Something followed Archie and the gang home; a threat unlike any other… the ultimate hunter… The Predator.

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Prepare for more over the top violence as this comic makes readers cringe and grasp in disbelief. This Archie comic is unlike any you have seen before and unlike any we might ever see again.

Cheryl’s death is made known to the gang (apparently she was killed by a wild jungle animal whilst on she was on holiday). Before the group can even get a chance to mourn, blood is splattered everywhere as the Predator makes his presence felt by the people of Riverdale. Betty is convinced that they are being hunted by a supernatural entity and she decides to contact Sabrina in order to find out more.

From here on out the graphic violence being shown becomes astounding and no person or animal is safe from the ultimate hunter. But it is not just about guts and glory. This read teaches the reader about trust, relationships and other valuable lesson life lessons in true Archie lore. However, the life lessons here are taught using death and nobody in the Archie cast is safe.

The art remains in the style of Archie, however. It is what we witness that just keeps the comic going at a great pace. The colouring is great and you can really feel the tension on pages that feature the predator. Expressions are easily identifiable and they are presented clearly, so you as the reader can feel the horror that these teens are being exposed to. The Predator can be seen in this issue, however, he is still lurking in the shadows for most of the time. But when he does reveal himself people start to drop like flies as he picks them off one by one with the greatest of ease.

This second issue does a great job at providing a worthy sequel. It is definitely superior to the first issue in every regard. You will find yourself wanting more.


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