archie vs predator preview

Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Archie has met The Punisher. Archie has met The Ninja Turtles. And there was Archie Afterlife, which really stepped Archie’s game up. But no reader expected Archie versus Predator.

archie vs predator #1 preview

Archie will be going head to head against one of the most honourable and memorable aliens of all time… the Yautja, more commonly known as The Predator.

The issue starts off in the more cheerful teenage life of Archie, the same formula that many followers of Archie have become used to. Archie is juggling the ladies in his life, Jughead is juggling the burgers on his brain and the rest of the characters are fulfilling their usual roles as this comic plays out. When Jughead wins an all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica, the gang embark on their Spring Break. Unknown to them, another entity is on his way to Costa Rica in order to prepare for a hunt.

archie vs predator comic

The usual teenage drama continues to play out with Cheryl hatching a plot that will get Betty and Veronica at each other’s throats. Unfortunately, this is the least of their worries as Betty finds a relic that The Predator wants and will kill for.

This issue is done in the traditional look and feel of Archie. The colours are bright and set the tone of this being a fun read. When The Predator is in their midst or on the page, however, the tone of the comic changes completely and it becomes darker and deadlier, showcasing some graphic violence that one would never expect of an Archie comic.

It is difficult to say whether this issue is a good or bad one. The cross-over is so bizarre but also makes for an interesting read. There is a sense of mystery as the reader wonders who will be offed next. The downfall is that The Predator hardly features in this title. He is there, but he is still lurking in the shadows.

It would be great to see where this AVP arc goes.

archie vs predator #1 comic preview

archie vs predator #1 comic book preview

archie vs predator #1 comics book preview

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