archie vs predator preview

Storyline: C-

Artwork: B

Archie vs. Predator: it’s not exactly the one battle that comic book fans have asked for, but it’s sure as heck an interesting contest. On paper, the galaxy’s fiercest creature should decimate Riverdale’s redheaded lothario without the need of any of his weapons. However, Archie is the world’s most fortunate ginger and possesses the superpower of a cockroach (he famously died last year, but here he is alive and well again).

archie vs predator #1 comics book preview

The basic story is that the Riverdale gang hit Costa Rica for a Spring Break. The regular gags and shenanigans between Betty and Veronica ensue and Archie and friends end up being silently watched (ten bucks if you can guess who watches on). And that’s about it…which is the main problem of this book. The story is extremely slow-paced and lethargic. Yes, we get it: the Predator is an intergalactic hunter who slowly stalks his trophies, but this is a familiar trope that has been revisited in many films, video games and comic books already. Hopefully, the forthcoming three issues will speed (and beef) up the story a bit more.

In terms of the artwork, the characters are firmly set in the Archie world. Surprisingly, the Predator doesn’t look out of place in this world either. The island scenery is gorgeous and the characters are well-drawn as well. Personally, I can’t wait to see how the artists will treat the inevitable killings (because someone must die) and who will be killed first? My money is on Cheryl or Jason.

Overall, Archie vs. Predator #1 isn’t quite the bonkers, over the top clash that we thought it might be. It’s light-hearted and wholesome Archie, but the Predator element is lacking. It’s still early days, though, so let’s see what #2 holds.

archie vs predator #1 comic preview

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