Storyline: B-

Artwork: B

Ghost Towns are a bit more literal as the wild west meets the supernatural in Titanium comic’s latest digital release, “The Arcane #1”.

As the story opens it does not take long before the supernatural enters the town of Canaan’s Sorrow. Four demonic horsemen arrive announcing that they are wanting the Keepers of the books to present themselves, after receiving no response these entities display their powers. The owner of the town’s saloon, one of the protagonists in this tale, suggests that the town folk recruit the help of a person that they had exiled. A man with mystical powers, the father of her love child, the infamous Jeremiah Arcane.

Quinn travels to visit Jeremiah’s mother, only to discover that Jeremiah has not gone to venture the world in accordance to popular belief. He is conveniently still living with his mother. Quinn tells him that Phenal, her son is his child. His mother proceeds to tell Jeremiah the truth about his father with the assistance of a letter that his father had left him. It seems like today is tell the truth day in Arcane #1.

Jeremiah finds out that he is one of 5 brothers. The reason he does not know of his siblings is because they are all born from different mothers. The reason for daddy Arcane’s promiscuity is because of a deal that he had made with the Devil himself, due to the complications that arose during the delivery of his firstborn. The Devil places a curse upon the Arcane family, ensuring that each son shall always remain connected to an aspect of the supernatural. Jeremiah takes it upon himself to reunite his long lost siblings and this leads to a very quick reunion between brothers, too quick. They could have made it more of an adventure to find some of them. Each brother has his own unique ability and together they travel back to Canaan’s Sorrow to fight some demon cowboys.

The second half of this issue is action packed and it makes use of some great imagery and colours. It is here that you get to see some clashes as the newly recruited brothers display their abilities in combat. Both the readers and the Arcane siblings are given the opportunity to see just what their brothers are capable of. Great imagery is used as they combat different creatures. Each creature is drawn well and detailed, showing effort was put into their development even though the action scenes are fleeting in nature. One aspect that can become tedious is the narration. This story is filled with narration, to the point that you feel that the characters are not telling their own story. It starts to feel like you are being read a camp fire horror story, but in all fairness this is a minor gripe.

Arcane has some great potential. It seems as though the incorporation of the supernatural into a tale of the west has given successful results and promise. Make no mistake about it, Arcane #1 is a good book but it will take more character development in order to make it a great read. After all this is a debut issue so hopefully future issues will lead to displays of personality and clashes between brothers. Right now the reunion seems a little too convenient.

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