Storyline: C+

Artwork: B

2016 sees a new beginning for IDW’s Angry Birds comic franchise.


With the movie releasing this year, it would seem that the Angry Birds franchise is looking to catapult its way into the market in the hopes of leaping ahead of the competition. But will this comic help them achieve that goal?

Although adults do play Angry Birds, its primary audience has to be kids, who play this game for hours, buy the t-shirts and earphones. So this comic is definitely aimed at them. The comic is split into two stories. Both are not complex at all as they tell tales that are easy for the young reader to follow.

The comic is brightly coloured so it will attract the attention of the young reader as well. In terms of art, the characters still look like the traditional birds and pigs – no movie version looks here. They look like the birds that everyone know and love. The pencilling and colouring work together quitE well and a great idea was to include a brief character biography at the bottom of most pages. I certainly learned a bit more about each character that way! The backgrounds have some great detail, which is often left out when targeting at kids.

The comic does what it has to; it gets the name out there and will definitely appeal to the younger generation. It is not a work of art, nor is is expertly written, but it serves its purpose and offers some lighthearted fun.


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