Pages: 112
ISBN: 9780785164999

Storyline: D+

Artwork: D+

Elements from the new Spider-man film are drawn upon to tell the story of Spider-man’s latest adventure.

The Amazing Spiderman The Movie Prelude review

Seeing as how the latest Spider-man film was heavily geared toward younger audiences, this comic book prelude follows suite and does the same. In the book Peter already has his abilities but the story is at the beginning of his journey. Flashbacks are incorporated to tell part of the story, so what you have are snippets from the movie but with obvious exclusions. With essential elements missing in the narrative Cohen adds a few new threads via Flash and a bullied younger student, as well as a new encounter between Peter and his uncle. There are a few more minor offshoots but none of them have any real weight to them. The story is overly simplistic and quite boring to be honest, run of the mill like.

The art is off-putting to say the least; figures and backgrounds are hastily drawn and under developed. Preludes are generally not the best but this is one of the weaker ones out there. To help remedy the problems that might be found in the novel, older Amazing Spider-man issues (#75-77) are included to help you forget how bad the first read was. These older issues deal with Spiderman’s battle with his foe, The Lizard and while they are tied to the film they overshadow the prelude tale and make you despise the first story in the comic even more.

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The Amazing Spiderman The Movie Prelude comic

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