Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Black Mask Studios’ Alt Control Delete throws you straight into the action from the very first issue. Although it is only 13 pages long, it manages to draw your attention and keep it long enough for you to grasp what is going on.


The character names give away the reality of the events taking place. Yes, the character names look like user names and well… that is because they are. The action-packed events taking place are actually happening in a virtual reality simulator. We follow Tess a gifted gamer who narrates this first issue and introduces us to both her world and the alternate reality that she “pwns”.

The art in this one is great. This title has two different artists on board and they work well together to create different looks and feels for both reality and virtual reality. The colour choices work wonders as well. They make the situation known to the reader. The real world is dark, gritty and looks as though it has its fair share of problems, whilst the virtual reality world is brightly coloured and over the top as one would expect it to be. After all, they are competing in a fast-paced, winner takes all RPG.

I really wish this Alt Control Delete first issue was longer. It has potential but it just ends far too soon. It grabs the reader’s attention but you are left with a cliff-hanger and you do not even learn the full reason for Tess and her sponsors desiring to participate in this event. I am sure that could have helped flesh out the first issue, but it would seem that Black Mask Studios have other for the title.


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