Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

This crossover sees Vampirella go head-to-head with the infamous Xenomorphs. There will be blood and lots of it!


Humans have left Earth and started to colonise Mars. Unknown to them, there is an evil lurking in the depths of Mars. One of the deadliest predators in the universe happens to be living there already. Vampirella finds herself amongst the colonisers on Mars as she attempts to solve the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of this planet.

Vampirella is drawn to the planet as the government has told her about a discovery that they have made, one that may be related to her very own origins. This intrigues her and she joins a group of humans in order to find out more about Mars.

This is a six issue run and so issue four finds us in the thick of things. The Xenomorphs are on the prowl and slaughtering each and every other species on Mars. The blood and gore will leave some stomachs turning as people are maimed and disembowelled for all to see. Their only hope is Vampirella as she has the strength to fight back and survive the Alien attacks, but she is thirsting and she needs blood. This leaves her with no choice but to turn to the people she is supposed to protect. This issue throws one heck of a curveball at the end with two surprise appearances in the form of a new threat and a new ally. We will have to see what happens in the issues to come.

The art is great, gory and filled with detail. The colours are dark for the most part and this works well at creating thrill and suspense as the reader witnesses the horrific brutalities that the Xenomorphs commit. These creatures can strike fear into the hardest of hearts. Expect to see Vampirella with more clothes on this time round. Afterall, she is in space and she has to look the part. But this is an enjoyable issue with a balance between action and dialogue as we prepare for a climatic conclusion.


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