ALIEN LEGION #2 review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

The Alien Legion is a group of military tact aliens who have sworn to protect the lives of those affected by this intergalactic civil war. This issue follows a group of heroes known as the Force Nomad as they attempt to get refugees off of the Harkilon planet which is at war. But there is an unknown cargo hidden amongst the refugees, one that will lead our band of misfits into battle once more.


What had originally been released by Marvel has had a rebirth at Titan Comics as Chuck Dixon does what he does best – provide the reader with an action comic with some great writing. This comic is filled with action from the get go so the reader has to pay attention to the dialogue in the midst of all the action sequences and gun blasting that is happening around them. The writing is great in this one with the different alien races even speaking in their own special vernacular. With some sounding British and others just sounding…different. This issue is a great read that gets you straight into the thick of things. There is a large pool of characters all trying to share the few pages of this issue so it may be a bit taxing on who is who is on what team at times so be sure to look at uniforms closely in order to see who belongs where and what is truly at play in this issue.

Stroman provides some interstellar looking art, everything looks as alien as it should and when it comes to action sequence Stroman does not hold back. There is a wealth of action on display but his art makes it easy to follow. It is just so detailed, colourful and epic; that you might find yourself drifting towards looking at the images before reading the dialogue. Potts makes some great inking choices in this one, also lending to that outer space feel quite well. The opening page is just beautiful with all those illuminated galactic looking colours. Even though characters are aliens they remain detailed enough for readers to identify their expressions and emotions in this issue, although most commonly used emotion is anger, or you could view it as excitement for destroying the enemy.


Having just watched Guardians of the Galaxy, this is exactly the type of read needed. It is another action packed alien adventure that gets the characters right even though they are aliens. Alien Legion #2 throws you into the heat of battle from start to finish and there is not a single moment where the adrenaline rush ceases.


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