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Storyline: C-

Artwork: B

The epic finale to the Age of Ultron saga features the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Ms Marvel and Wolverine, but suffers from being incredibly underwhelming. Those expecting an epic clash between the Avengers and Ultron or Hank Pym, the father of this creation, will be sorely disappointed. Ultron is defeated through the power of anticlimax.

age of ultron 10 review

Age of Ultron #10 ties in like a prologue to a new series featuring a new villain. This is the main let down of this entire issue. The story is weak. When Ultron does awaken, the battle is short lived with the Avengers basically buying time for Hank Pym to counter his creation. A large amount of pages are wasted on Hank Pym saying “almost there” and a computer doing a percentage display for Hank’s upload. The manner in which Hank develops his counter for Ultron also feels anticlimactic and a cop-out.


The only saving grace is the events that follow Ultron’s battle with the Avengers. The breaking of the space-time continuum allows for some beautifully illustrated pages. With a team of artists on board, they really showcase their talents throughout this issue. The art styles switch quite a few times in this issue and some readers may dislike all of these shifts. Some might find the constant changes in art to mess with the tone of the book and create a confusing read. However, it really lends to the fact that the space-time continuum is being played with in the issue and this leads to it being broken. Five wonderfully illustrated pages show characters having a shift in memories and the shattering of the reality that is, was and will be. Heroes meet new villains (well villains that they do not usually duke it out with) and a new threat is born.

While Bendis may have stuck to his guns and expanded on the story that he introduced two years ago in The Avengers and Moon Knight, the finale to this well thought out and prepared tale seems rushed and leaves the reader underwhelmed with the final clash between our heroes and Ultron. Ultron #10 could have easily been renamed “Marvel’s Continuum Clash #1” or they could have named it after the villain that this comic ended up introducing.

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