Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Age of Ultron #10 A.I. follows the events off the rather disappointing conclusion to the Age of Ultron Saga. It is a rather enjoyable read that gives you a new understanding of what makes Hank Pym tick.

Age of Ultron #10 A.I. Review

Age of Ultron #10 A.I. does not focus on the Yellow Jacket or his days as the Wasp. Instead, it shows his origins and how he became Ant-Man and Giant-Man. Unlike the previous instalment, it is well written and deals with realistic issues. The reader takes a ride down Pym’s timeline and we meet various people along the way. Do not expect Avengers, Spiderman or any other heroes. This is an origins issue, a realistic one with a family focus.

We see Hank as he creates his first inventions at the age of 5 and how a child could have such creative genius and be frowned upon for it. A troubled relationship with his parents, especially his father, leads to Pym being the constant victim of discouragement and ridicule from a young age. However, his grandma gives him hope. She becomes his muse. We then see a young Hank building one machine after the other. But he loses hope when he is unable to invent a machine that can cure one of mankind’s biggest threats… cancer.


What is great about this issue is that it helps give the reader a different view of Pym. Sure his anger issues are present, but the reader breaks away from his “Wife-Beater” image. He is the hero of this book. The action scenes are great and it shows how Hank is able to use his Pym particles intelligently. It is also quite cool to see him switch from Ant-Man to Giant-Man mid-air. Andre Araujo’s art is strong and does a good job of creating a contrast within this issue. We see a rather gloomy opening to the book, images looking downtrodden in order to mimic our hero’s current mind-set. Araujo does a great job of capturing Hank’s youthful taste for adventure. It is almost as though you get a glimpse of the child he was, the imaginative kid that wanted to change the world.

Age of Ultron #10 A.I. could even be re-titled as Hank Pym #0. It is the interlude to new series called Avengers A.I. This new series will have a focus on technology and crimes committed using high level artificial intelligence. We will see a rather interesting team of Avengers and this is emphasised in the conclusion of the issue.


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