Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Imagine a dilapidated world filled with all sorts of undead creatures all craving the taste of living flesh, welcome to Age of Darkness #1.

The world has fallen victim to a zombie virus that affects all species, so prepare to see some terrifying animals! In the midst of it all we have a team of survivors (Chavez, Tish, Baldwin, Choirboy and Baby) that still believe that there is a life beyond this disaster. They believe that there is hope no matter how dire the situation may seem. These survivors are not the type you have become familiar with in the current zombie trend and craze. They seem to be military trained and have the sole purpose of restoring hope. The story opens with us meeting this group of survivors as their military vehicle makes a routine stop after a hard fought battle against a horde of zombies. It is here in the opening that we are given a glimpse into the types of characters that make up the band of protagonists. They are all protecting a seed known to give life to “The World Tree”, a gift from the Brotherhood of Yggdrasil and has became a symbol of hope. But when the team receives a radio transmission from an encrypted frequency, one that will lead to them to the location of the next transmission, the games begin.

Some people have described it as being a “quest” but upon arriving at the location of the next transmission, it is made known that our team of protagonists are being tested. The World Tree is one big metaphor and our heroes will need to prove their worth in order to be accepted and earn “Successful Passage” into the Brotherhood of Yggdrasil. They have ten minutes in order to complete their next objective before the doors lock and they are locked in with the enemy. A siren sets off and draws zombies towards them. Will they survive? Will they make it before time runs out?

The colouring and pencilling in this issue is great. The story is filled with darker colouring with the only light colours being used in gun fire, bomb blasts, zombie glares and stares. The one daylight scene is used to show how the world has become dry and decrepit. The graphic violence and action scenes are well drawn and fast paced. You feel that adrenaline rush as our heroes fight for their lives as they horde off zombies. Everything feels rushed. The reader feels as though he or she is there experiencing the very moment with them. The feeling of chaos is further enhanced by the layout which changes from page to page.

Titanium Comics have given us a great and highly entertaining story with great characters. For a first issue this one is relatively strong and definitely worth the read if you are seeking an adrenaline filled thrill. With plenty of violence and blood this book fits right in with the zombie apocalypse genre. I mean, who doesn’t love a zombie reindeer?

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