Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Based on the CBS series, we have Adventures of Supergirl.


This digital comic expands on the current Supergirl TV series by offering more trials and tribulation for the young Kara. Not being a big fan of the TV series, I was worried going into reading this comic but the outcome was quite surprising.

This is not a long comic, partly because this digital comic will be released on a weekly basis so it is about half the length of your standard comic, but ironically, this short issue is filled with great writing and great illustrations. Adventures of Supergirl will definitely help garner fans for the TV show. This issue has a basic recap of the series and it focuses on the plot of the actual television series – so readers that do not follow the series are still kept in the loop. Although the characters do not resemble their on-screen counterparts physically, their personalities do push through and we can see that the characters have translated from screen to paper quite well.

Chapter 1 has Supergirl tackling one of the escaped villains. Rampage and Kara go to war in this debut issue and sees Supergirl harness the powers that come with being a Kryptonian on Earth.


The art is bright, lending to the tone of the series and this works well with the writing. This is not your dark Arrowverse story and this comic makes it quite apparent. After all, it is based on the TV show and has to stay true to it. The characters may not resemble the actors and actresses associated with the TV show but they look great in their own right. They are highly detailed and the colouring is nothing short of perfect.

This digital comic is impressive. It will leave you wishing that it had been a full 24page issue. Has it converted me into a Supergirl fan that wants to follow the TV show? That remains to be seen.


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