Pages: 30 pages

Storyline: C

Artwork: B

As the titles suggests, this comic follows a group of orphans that are being trained in order to be the next best villain. Whether they are spies or criminal masterminds it does not matter. All that matters is that they become graduates of The Academy of Villains.

Academy of Villains comic book review

The crux of the story seems simple enough but once you open the issue you will see that this read is far from being a simple and straight forward one. In fact, it is downright confusing. The confusion most likely comes from the fact that there is just so much happening at the same time. You have lecturers and graduates undergoing missions whilst learners are receiving practical examinations… I think. The scenes seem to end abruptly before you can even get to know, understand or relate to a character. Then you have jumps from present to the past which are also not as clear. With such a big cast on display you end up only remembering the name Cassius and Lizabeth. It would seem that Lizabeth is definitely a main or the main character of the series as most of the issue seems to revolve around her. All we really know is that she is great at hand to hand combat and not much more…

The art is great! Highly detailed and perfectly coloured. Most backgrounds are highly detailed as well. My only problem is that some of the colours used in the backgrounds make certain scenes in the present look like they are in the past and then you have a scene from the past that looks like it is taking place in the present. Thank heavens for the outfits worn by the characters in those scenes. I would have never been able to tell the time of occurrence otherwise!

Sometimes things need to be kept simple and linear. This issue is the prime example of such a time. Instead of letting the story flesh out, the reader is bombarded with so many events happening in such quick succession. As a result you do not click with characters nor understand any of the motives behind the Academy of Villains and its pupils.

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