abe sapien #33 review
Pages: 32
ISBN: 7 61568 21535 9 03311

Storyline: C

Artwork: A

There is a lot to appreciate about Abe Sapien #33. This is the second issue in the two-part miniseries that has caused a lot of speculation from fans. Ever since the cover for the first part was released, showing the cassette tapes with “Abe Sessions” written on them, fans knew that revelations were inbound.

Abe discovers parts of the biggest answers, withheld from him for decades by the BPRD itself.

abe sapien #33 comic book review

The first issue did not disappoint, and neither does this one. The focus with Regressions is on Abe’s state of mind and body. While going through the pages, one can actually hear the sadness in Abe’s voice. This is not only due to the great writing, but also the artwork. The narrative structure isn’t linear, but one never gets confused by it. There is a clear distinction between the present and the past. The past is drawn with intense lines and soft colours while the present is drawn with serious shadows and warm, eerie lighting. This is definitely a more serious Abe. All that has come before rests his shoulders and has made him ready to face whatever may come.

Abe Sapien #33 has a bit of everything; mythos, action, history, character development, great artwork, story progress, and reveals. This happens in the span of 24 pages and I will tip my hat to the writers for accomplishing so much in such a short time, but I can’t help but feel that Regressions could have benefited from a longer run.

Abe’s conversations with the professor are slow and moody and the flashes are rapid and hasty. Some of the effectiveness of this type of storytelling is lost to the rapid transitions between the different settings. Apart from this, it is narratively engrossing and visually stunning. Abe Sapien #33 continues to be a comic that is beautiful in its ugliness, and that’s a good thing.

abe sapien #33 comic review

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