New 52 – Superman No. 2

Written by

Script & Breakdowns: George Pérez
Pencils & Inks: Jesús Merino
Colours: Brian Buccellato
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

Story: After defeating a fiery alien in issue one, Superman tries to find out more about the creature and its origins with the aid of General Lane, who is uneasy assisting Superman. Lane sees him as a magnet for trouble and is suspicious of Superman’s relationship with his daughter, Louis. Meanwhile Clark continues to hide his true feelings for Lois, who denies she is in any serious relationship and confesses she will miss their old partnership. Amidst all of this a new alien adversary attacks Superman, who is powerless against an invisible foe.

Something big is brewing despite George Perez including another lacklustre enemy in issue two. The first person narration works well here. Superman gives us keen insight into his psyche and his narration is not forced or cheesy. The tension between Lane and Superman provides for greater drama and tension in the story. The lame villains are a bit disappointing but we can be sure Perez and the editing team are keeping things simple in order to ease new readers into the series.

Merino’s artwork is super cool, the star map frame on the first page is a stunning but credit must be given to the entire art team for Superman’s flight toward the centre of Metropolis – what a breath-taking piece of work. The invisible fight might seem a bit silly but its fun and enables other characters like Lois to become involved in the action more directly.


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