New 52 Justice League #2

Written by

Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams

Story: Green Lantern and Batman are hammered by Superman, and both of them need the Flash to come to their rescue. Flash finds he is up against a formidable opponent. Can these vigilantes come together without killing each other and solve an alien mystery that threatens earth?

This second edition continues to keep things simple and sparse. Only the Flash is introduced but his inclusion definitely makes for a more exciting read. The dialogue is basic but it is early days so hopefully the story and characters will become more rounded and intriguing. You can sense that things might not be this basic for long with Darkseid in the mix. The artwork is classic Jim Lee, thin line work and brilliant overall frame composition. The colours have a lovely sheen and gloss finish that works so well on Green Lantern’s constructs and Superman’s new outfit.

This second edition turns things up a notch but still plays it close to the chest in terms of story.


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