New 52 – Green Lantern No.1

Written by

Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: Doug Mahnke
Inks: Christian Alamy and Tom Nguyen
Colours: David Baron
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Synopsis: Sinestro is back in the Green Lantern Corps under less than desired circumstances and Hal Jordan is stranded on earth, battling to readjust to normal life outside of the Corps.

Newbies may be forgiven for being a tad befuddled with ‘Green Lantern #1’. It more or less continues from where it last ended in, ‘War of the Green Lanterns’, no adherence to new beginnings here. It is not all confusing though, as this edition provides enough clues to what happened prior in the series.

The biggest shock to occur in this release is the return of the evil Sinestro to the Green Lantern fold after his treacherous betrayal. Despite his opposition he is allowed to return after the green ring chooses him again. Hal is stranded on earth without his ring and has to return to his old life. He is rejuvenated as a character when the mundane aspects of his former life tie around him like a noose. The story explores how a superhero is brought crashing down to earth when confronted with everyday problems.

Mahnke’s earth related artwork might make one ambivalent but his otherworldly portrayals are superb. From the alien designs to the composition of the frames, your eyes are bewildered with class illustration.

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