New 52 – Animal Man No.1

Written by

Story: Jeff Lemire
Pencils: Travel Foreman
Inks: Travel Foreman & Dan Green
Colours: Lovern Kindzierski
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

Story: Buddy Baker a.k.a. Animal Man, is a family guy, animal rights activist, actor and part-time superhero. He is restless, caged and his instincts tell him his idyllic life is not as rosy as it seems.

I was unfamiliar with this character or his story so I was hesitant in reading it. The artwork is different; greyish, monochrome colours, no bright saturated pages in site. The characters are drawn with minimal shadows and initially this added to my scepticism that this is not my cup of tea. Well, after reading it I must say Animal Man has been one of my favourite reads. It might even read the best of all the ‘New 52s’ we have reviewed so far.

The character of Buddy Baker is so easy to relate to, he could be you or your friend down the road. The story is well written, brilliantly paced with compelling and interesting dialogue. The artwork seems simple initially but becomes more satisfying with each turn of the page and Buddy’s nightmare frames are exceptional. Animal Man is well-crafted and is one the best first editions I have read.

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