Pages: 32

Storyline: C

Artwork: C

After a meteor crashes at his work place, Chuck Baxter becomes a god amongst men. But there is one problem that all gods must face and that is immortality. Sure, he seems to have it all but imagine a world where you have to witness those that you love become frail and/or pass away whilst you remain unchanged. This battle against time is exactly what is slowly but surely driving Chuck aka Swell Fella insane.

Chuck decided to keep his own name and use it as his hero name. He is the world’s first super hero but it seems as though Chuck is a man of many firsts. We see Chuck battle across different time periods. He gains powers in 1950, the same day he also takes flight for the first time whilst breaking the boundaries set by the prohibiting of interracial relationships. We continue to see him in the 1960s and even 2036 and although he has not aged physically the mental wear and tear is quite apparent. Chuck feels trapped in a never ending cycle. This is displayed as he clashes with his arch rival over the course of different decades, but his rival’s robots look matches the monotony of Chucks life. To him they all look the same and the duking with Archibald Crane has become tedious. The two had worked together long ago but what has made them rivals remains unknown to the reader at this stage. But what is made known is the fact that Archibald Crane might have the solution to all of Chuck’s problems.

This issue has a 90’s feel to it; Chuck starts off looking like a mixture of Superman with a Bat Belt and Captain America boot, with his muscles being shown via the use of thick and dark pencilling. His modern costume looks far better, giving him a Wonderman/Hollywood look and feel. The protagonist seems to be drawn very inconsistently; his face seems to alter entirely and some scenes he seems to have a more rounded shape with a bit of a pot belly, then on the next page he is ripped and muscular again. Also for a comic dealing with such serious issues, I would expect the issue to incorporate more dark colours instead of the abundance of light colours. Sure it has warm colours for the heat of battle, but this seems pointless as his fights are rather lacklustre and repetitive, kind of emphasising the never ending cycle that Chuck has to endure as an immortal.

Never Ending offers a different story but it is nothing new. After a solid introduction to a new character you end up feeling nothing for him. Maybe further issues will make him more interesting but right now all we have to work from is an autobiography that is as cliché as the abilities given to him by the meteor.

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