Week 41, 10-16 October, doesn’t see much activity in terms of blockbuster blu-ray releases. The headline movie releases this week includes Ghostbusters, Ice Age: Collision Course, IP Man Trilogy, and The Legend of Tarzan. On the television and series front the releases major releases include Hannibal: The Collection Series, Knight Rider: The Complete Series (1982), and Adventure Time: The Complete Sixth Season.

1. Ghostbusters: Extended Edition Blu-ray

2. Ice Age: Collision Course Blu-ray

3. The Legend of Tarzan Blu-ray

4. Hannibal: The Collection Series Blu-ray

5. IP Man Trilogy Blu-ray

Other releases this week include Miami Vice: The Complete Series, The Infiltrator, Carrie (1986), Boyhood, The Musketeers: Season Three, Angels & Demons 4K, The Da Vinci Code 4K, and The Twilight Zone Season 1 – 5.

There have also been a few announcements regarding Blu-ray releases, with Marvel’s Daredevil: The Complete First Season on the 8th November, Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box Blu-ray on 13th December, The Jungle Book 3D Blu-ray on 15th November, Suicide Squad Extended Cut 4K Blu-ray on 13th December, and Jason Bourne 4K Blu-ray on 6th December.

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