Black Lightning Punches, Kick And Shocks His Way Through This Action Packed Trailer

CW has given us our first look at Cress Williams in action in the first action-packed trailer for the Black Lightning series.

Black Lightning is one of the DC universe’s first black heroes and, as the name suggests, he has the ability to shoot blasts of electricity, among others. The trailer reveals that, after keeping the streets safe as Black Lightning for years, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) decides to retire from superheroing to focus on his family. But things take a turn for the worst as his retirement allows the gang know as the 100 to flood the streets and terrorise the city’s inhabitants. This forces Jefferson to once again step into the Black Lightning costume and rid the streets from the 100 once and for all. Of course, things are never as simple as they seem as Jefferson’s daughters have also begun to manifest their own powers.

CW has previously stated that Black Lightning would not be forming part of the larger CW DC universe that includes Arrow and The Flash.

While the Black Lightning costume certainly looks a bit silly, the premise of a father having to choose between family and protecting his city is quite interesting.

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