BioShock Fan-Designed Vigor Bottle Gets Made By 2K

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Fink Manufacturing, the fictional company behind the creation of the game’s power inducing Vigors, recently asked BioShock fans what powers they would put in a bottle.

Fans were asked to submit their own ideas and designs for new a Vigor. One submission form Ernesto Moreno impressed the folks at 2K so much that they decided to go ahead and actually sculpt a real life version of his design. Moreno’s design was for a Vigor called “Parasite”. The bottle design features a giant spider/tick menacingly perched on it, and of course what is a Vigor without a great tagline, in this case, “Need a health boost? Take it from your enemies with Parasite from Fink MFG. Co.”

Below are the designs that were submitted by Ernesto Morena.



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