McDonald's Makes the Big Mac® More Accessible – Now Just R39.90

McDonald’s has officially announced the reduced price of the Big Mac® Medium Meal from 7th June 2017. For a promotional period, over the next four months, McDonald’s has announced that the Big Mac® Medium Meal will be available to all South Africans for just R39.90.

Greg Solomon, CEO of McDonald’s South Africa, made the announcement at the Big Mac® Dinner Experience, hosted at the McDonald’s Head Office, ahead of a campaign launch of its iconic Big Mac® Medium Meal. “As a customer obsessed brand, knowing these tough economic times have been hard on all of us; we wanted to put our most iconic sandwich – the Big Mac® in accessible reach to the South African people. Whilst doing this, our number one priority remains maintaining the high quality of our food.”

McDonald's Makes the Big Mac® More Accessible – Now Just R39.90

The Big Mac® Dinner Experience featured the world-renowned chef, Chef Martin Kobald, Honorary President of the South African Chefs Association, who created a three-course meal, including a palette cleanser, with ingredients found only in the McDonald’s kitchen.

The starter featured a lovely corn soup, followed by a variant of the Big Mac®, and capped off with a chocolate cake dessert with a few extra toppings. The media engagement event was set up as a means to educate everyone about the company’s food standards and ingredients used in every meal.

Part of the media education included an interactive cook-off, where teams competed to reproduce the perfect Big Mac® from all the ingredients available at the restaurant. Solomon added: “We are proud to serve great tasting food to the millions of guests that come to our restaurants every month. We are customer-obsessed through maintaining our brand DNA of Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value.”

McDonald's Makes the Big Mac® More Accessible – Now Just R39.90

Our Team’s Big Mac Production

The fun cook-off was officiated and judged by Chef Martin Kobald, and the winning team each won a culinary training session with the Chef for themselves and their partners.

It was surprising to find that the starter was cooked up with the same ingredients found in the McDees kitchen – which also begs the question, why isn’t it available all the time? If you’re curious too, you can raise the topic via their social media platforms to bring it to life – just as you, the public, brought about the price drop of the Big Mac® Medium Meal.

McDonald's Makes the Big Mac® More Accessible – Now Just R39.90

Grab your Big Mac® Medium Meal from tomorrow at just R39.90. #BigMacExcuse

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