Beyond: Two Souls Trailer and Gameplay Demo

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Each year we see follow-ons of already popular games flood the scene at E3. Sometimes we’re lucky to get a few new titles (no previous versions). One such game is Quantic Dream’s (developers of the Heavy Rain franchise) new addition, “Beyond: Two Souls”.

It features the voice of Oscar-nominated actress Ellan Page as lead character Jodie Holmes. There’s not a lot to go on in the trailer, but the gameplay demo gives us better insight and from we can, you play a character with supernatural powers attempting to distance yourself from authorities, more for safety reasons than an actual crime. During gameplay, you will be able to possess certain characters with your powers and have them under your control to get out of tricky situations. In case you missed it, and still wondering what’s in the name, Jodie Holmes talks to some kind of spirit that follows her around in the game. When controlling this spirit, named “Aiden”, the gameplay changes somewhat as you’re not limited to the physical restrictions that Jodie faces. You also interact with many different objects as well as control vehicles along the way. To track the latest news on this project, visit . This is definitely in my top 3 picks of the week at E3; the other 2 are The Last of Us and Watch Dogs.

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Gameplay Demo:

Excuse the poor video quality.

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