New Beyond Good And Evil 2 Video Reveals Some Gameplay

There is little doubt that the many gamers are excited about Ubisoft’s ambitious Beyond Good and Evil 2 game. The developer has slowly begun to reveal more details about its upcoming game after first announcing it at E3 2017. Now, a new video showing off some of the game’s combat and traversal mechanics.

New Beyond Good And Evil 2 Video Reveals Some Gameplay

The new Beyond Good and Evil 2 video reveals a few more tasty tidbits about the game, including some of the game’s combat and it’s jetpack traversal. Unlike the first game, players will be placed in the role of their own customisable pirate. Player’s will be able to pilot their various ships across the galaxy to various planets, even being able to board enemy ships or just cruise around exploring their environments. 

The combat system, which is shown off in the video, seems to be a lot more flexible and varied than it was in the first game. While close quarters combat is likely to play an important role in the final game players will also be able to engage enemies in aerial dogfights even being able to hop out of their ship in order to board the enemies’. Ubisoft also revealed how players will be able to team up with friends and more importantly keep track of them in the game’s vast environments.

While the game is still in very early development, it’s shaping up to be everything fans had hoped for. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one game that should be on your radar.

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