Bethesda Wants To "Save" Single-Player Games With Their New Campaign

Unlike many other developers out there, Bethesda has mostly continued to develop amazing single-player focused experiences and, with more and more publishers deciding to incorporate more multiplayer¬†focused elements into their games, they have decided to take a stand. At the 2017 Game Awards, the company released a trailer for a new campaign aimed at “saving” single-player games.

Bethesda Wants To "Save" Single-Player Games With Their New Campaign

The tongue-in-cheek trailer features Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter, who talks about the wonders of single-player games. As part of the campaign, the developer will be marking down some of their single-player games by as much as 50% (digitally and some physical versions). They will also be donating $100 000 to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation, who awards scholarships to woman and minorities working towards their degrees in the field of video gaming arts.

It’s great to see such a big (and important) developer standing up for what they believe in.

Thank you, Bethesda. Long live single-player games!

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