Bethesda Officially Announces RAGE 2

We all knew it was coming. First, we had the leak via Wallmart Canada and then a leaked teaser video and now, finally, Bethesda has officially announced RAGE 2.

Bethesda Officially Announces RAGE 2

Bethesda has announced that RAGE 2, the sequel to the mostly forgotten RAGE, will be heading to the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, although no release date has been revealed yet. Bethesda also revealed that Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios will be developing the game. This is great news as Mad Max was one of the most underrated games of the last few years.

Bethesda initially had a sequel planned for RAGE back in 2012 but decided to place it on hold and focus on DOOM. The sequel seems to be more tongue in cheek than the original and, according to a press release, will see players diving head first into a post-apocalyptic world devoid of law and order. The game will be a true FPS open world experience where players will be able to go anywhere, shoot anything and explode everything.

Along with the announcement, Bethesda released a longer version of the colourful leaked teaser trailer promising an full gameplay reveal tomorrow.

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