Bethesda Surprises With New Game Announcements At E3 2017

Bethesda came out swinging at E3 2017 by announcing everything from new DLC to sequels to some of their new franchises. Here are some of the announcements and news from the Bethesda E3 2017 conference that grabbed our attention.

Bethesda Surprises With New Game Announcements At E3 2017

Dishonored 2 DLC – Sneak, Slash, and Dash

Good news for those wanting to venture back into the world of Dishonored as Bethesda announced the Death of the Outsider DLC for Dishonored 2. The DLC will put players in the shoes of Meagan Foster, who featured in the main game, as she embarks on a quest for revenge.

The trailer shows Meagan using her powers, and fighting prowess in order to dispatch some burly guards. It ends with Meagan rescuing a character named Daud who informs her of her next mission, to kill the Outsider.

The DLC will have a stand-alone physical and digital release when it launched in September 2017.

Doom VFR – Destroy the minions of Hell in VR

Bethesda announced that Doom would be receiving a VR port. The game is officially titled Doom VFR and features a dash/teleportation mechanic to allow players to traverse their environments quickly and effectively.

My biggest concern is how Doom VFR will affect those that tend to get motion sickness from moving too fast through VR environments, of which I’m one of them. Judging from the trailer, it would seem that the game looks just as fast-paced as it’s non-VR counterpart. The game is set to launch at the end of 2018.

Evil Within 2 – Can you survive round two?

Many suspected that Bethesda would announce a sequel to their survival horror game The Evil Within and they were spot on.

The trailer reveals that players will need to protect their daughter, from what exactly is not clear. Not much more beyond this was revealed.

New Wolfenstein – B.J’s Back for more

Get ready to kill some more Nazi scum as Bethesda announced that the next Wolfenstein game, titled Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, will be coming out later this year.

The trailer not only revealed that B.J is back and packing, but that Anya is now pregnant with twins. As expected, the trailer features guns, robots, and loads of blood. The game is set to release in October for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Elder Scrolls Legends – Card battles on the go

Bethesda has revealed that their free-to-play cards game Elder Scrolls Legends would be heading to iPhone and Android devices.

The game will also receive a Heroes of Skyrim expansion that will be adding another 150 cards and will be introducing some new mechanics. It was also confirmed that in-game tournaments and a Choas Arena are coming when the game releases on mobile devices.

Skyrim Coming To Nintendo Switch – Battle dragons on your Switch

Nintendo fans rejoiced Bethesda announced that Skyrim will be coming to the Nintendo Switch console.

Along with the news, Bethesda also revealed that the Switch version would have Ambiibo support which will unlock various items in the game. For those that are looking for any excuse to use the Switch’s motion controls, Bethesda also shared that the game would have motion control support allowing players to become a sword and shield wielding warrior.

It’s great to see Nintendo’s system receiving so much third party support.

These are just some of the news and announcements Bethesda made during their conference. Below is the complete Bethesda E3 2017 conference video for more information:

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