Teen Titans #12 Comic Book Review

Considering that Benjamin Percy’s Teen Titans #12 is a far-out book, tying in with the Dark Multiverse thing going on in Dark Nights: Metal, we thought it’s only fair to give it a different review. Seriously, nothing about this event is ordinary, so it deserves something equally different from us.

So, to quote Heath Ledger’s Joker, “Here. We. Go!”

When the Batman Who Laughs and his pet Robins break Edward Nigma out of Arkham

Batman Meme

When Beast Boy saves a mother and her child and then takes a selfie with them


When Robin enters the Riddler’s labyrinth to “save” his father

sad Batman

When Robin throws shade at Green Arrow and calls him a second-string superhero


When Killer Croc chows down on the Nightmare Batman


When we finally see the Riddler’s Minotaur robot


When the Batman Who Laughs unleashes the Joker-Robin hybrid


When you realise how incredible Mirka Andolfo’s artwork is

Cat shock

When Nightwing spots Robin at the end


Acting as an official Dark Nights: Metal tie-in, “Gotham Resistance” part one takes place after the shocking events of Metal, which have transformed Gotham City into your worst nightmare. Robin takes his Teen Titans into the heat of the battle to save his father, Batman. However, one of the evil Batmen, the Batman Who Laughs, has sprung the Riddler out of Arkham, and the King of Questions has now created a labyrinth from Hell in the city. It’s up to Robin and Green Arrow to navigate their way out of the maze of madness.

As always, Benjamin Percy‘s writing shines, perfectly blending the tension, action, and wit into an engaging narrative. His world comes to life thanks to Mirka Andolfo’s out-of-this-world artistry, which may walk away with the award for Best Artwork of the Week. This is some phenomenal stuff from the pair and their team.

Teen Titans #12 is a book that you need to get this week, even if it means bumping something else off the to-buy pile. It’s completely bonkers and over the top – and that’s what makes it perfect. Buy it!

Teen Titans #12 Comic Book Review

Teen Titans #12 Comic Book Review

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