Ben Affleck’s Batman is “Tired and Weary”

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Warner Bros chief, Kevin Tsujihara, spilled some details about Ben Affleck’s Batman in the upcoming Versus Superman movie. He has spoken out about how perfectly Affleck fits Zack Snyder’s vision of a ‘seasoned’ Dark Knight.

Deadline reports that this Bruce Wayne is “kind of tired and weary and seasoned, and been doing it for a while,” revealed Warner Bros CEO. “[Affleck] is perfect for the vision… We think it’s going to be huge.”

Regarding the first Man of Steel’s box office take of $660 million worldwide, Tsujihara added that “it’s the perfect springboard for Batman and Superman.” He also said that there will be a lot of announcements “coming out [of] the DC Comics unit of Warner Bros.,” though it’s unclear if he meant announcements regarding film, TV, comics — or all of the above.

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