Ben Affleck's The Accountant Is Getting A Sequel

Warner Bros. Pictures is moving forward with plans for a sequel to Ben Affleck and Gavin O’Connor’s 2016 action thriller The Accountant.

While The Accountant might not have gotten great reviews from critics, the film went on to win over the praise of fans. Many consider The Accountant one of the best action films of 2016. On a modest budget of $44 million, it managed to gross $155 million. Of course, Warner is interested in a sequel.

In an interview with before the first film’s release, O’Connor mentioned that he had plans for the main character, Christian Wolff, a mathematics savant.

“There’s more to be explored with this character,” he said. “What excites me is that, most franchises are IPs that people know about. Books or comic books and superheroes. This is entirely original and that’s what I loved about it. This is sort of his origin story. Even though no one has a comic book to read or a book to read or a graphic novel. This is all brand new for everybody. If it works and people want it and there’s an appetite for it, there’s more stories to be told.”

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Using a small-town CPA office as a cover, he makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organisations. With a Treasury agent (J.K. Simmons) hot on his heels, Christian takes on a state-of-the-art robotics company as a legitimate client. As Wolff gets closer to the truth about a discrepancy that involves millions of dollars, the body count starts to rise.

There is no news yet about Jon Bernthal’s return, but it seems a given considering how important his character was in the first film.

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