Ben Affleck Does A Hilarious Impression Of Batman For Red Nose Day

An NBC Red Nose Day Special skit video sees a kid ask Ben Affleck to do his Batman voice. Of course, Affleck tries but it isn’t what the kid expected.

One kid’s wish was for Ben to do his deep and gritty Batman voice. “Your wish is my command,” Affleck replied as best as he can – in a deeper voice. However, the kid is super unimpressed. “Noooo! Do it the way Christian Bale does it,” he continues. Of course, Affleck shuts him down.

Red Nose Day launched in America in 2015 and, with generous support from millions of Americans, hundreds of celebrities and many outstanding partners, has raised more than $60 million in its first two years in the U.S. People across the country are encouraged to support the cause by coming together and wearing their Red Noses, organizing fundraising events, and watching and donating during the night of Red Nose Day programming on NBC. The campaign’s iconic Red Noses are on sale now exclusively at Walgreens and Duane Reade locations nationwide.

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