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Ben Affleck has announced that the new solo Batman film will simply be titled ‘The Batman’. Affleck revealed the title to the Associated Press in his interview for his new film The Accountant, making a point that the title could be indefinite.

Ben Affleck
[The Batman], At least that’s what we’re going with now, I might change it. I think that’s about it right now, that’s all I got. We’re working on the script, the script is going well, and I’m really excited about it.”

Affleck will be starring, co-writing and directing the new Batman film expected to be released between 2018 and 2019, after the Justice League movie is released in November 2017. News of the solo Batman film has slowly trickled from the creators since its announcement and development.  Here’s what we know so far:

Firstly, there could be more than one villain in the new film after Joe Manganiello was confirmed to be playing Deathstroke. Devin Faraci of Birth.Death.Movies, states that the movie will be packed with villains.

“Many if not the most, members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery will be making appearances in the film. It’s going to be crammed with Bat villains, which means that just about every major bad guy you’ve ever wanted to see in a movie will be in this movie.”

Secondly, Affleck has spoken about trying to be more original with the storyline, quashing rumors that the film will be based solely on the Under the Red Hood storyline.

“I think what I would do, what I probably would do, is in some ways what Zack [Snyder] did with this movie [Batman vs. Superman], borrow certain things from the great comic books, but create an original story around it because I wouldn’t want the fans to already know the story and be familiar, but I would borrow, steal, great things that have been done before in the comics.” said Affleck in an interview.

Warner bros and Affleck have made a point that this film’s goal is to feel like a quintessential Batman film that is as the title suggests, a stand alone film removed from being a part of the larger DC extended universe of films.

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