Ben Affleck Welcomes Batman Director Matt Reeves

Ben Affleck has broken his silence and taken to social media to welcome Batman director Matt Reeves.

Yesterday news broke that Matt Reeves has officially signed on to direct DC’s solo Batman movie, unofficially titled The Batman, following Ben Affleck’s exit. Now, Affleck has responded to the announcement by welcoming the director to the Batcave:

This salute squashes all the rumours regarding any ‘beef’ between the two directors. It should also ease the minds of fans who believed that Affleck was distancing himself from the role.

The tweet from Affleck was affirmed by Geoff Johns who also showed his support for Matt Reeves:

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  1. Waaaaay better!!! It was just TOO much on just one man’s shoulders. Even if everything about the completed movie is perfect, and the studio fumbles with the marketing(as they did with Edge Of Tomorrow and Jupiter Ascending!), everyone would crucify Affleck. This is THE best move.

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