Being Batman - Is This Brampton's Real Life Batman?

Short Film: Being Batman – Is This Brampton’s Real Life Batman?

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Ryan Freeman’s documentary, Being Batman, gives a glimpse into the life of real-life Batman, Stephen Lawrence, a man who ventures out at night dressed as The Dark Knight to patrol the city streets as “Brampton Batman”.

Being Batman short film

For most comic book fans, the idea of dressing up as Batman and venturing off into the night to fight crime has crossed their mind – or at least you’ve joked about it once or twice. For most fans, however, the thought stops right there. Not for Stephen Lawrence. He has actually taken it upon himself to become his hero. Is it crazy? Perhaps. This cool short documentary sheds light on Lawrence’s ideas and the process he undertakes to become his city’s hero.

Freeman’s film is not comedic at all. Instead, it is an insightful psychological study of social responsibility.

Director & Music: Ryan Freeman (
Produced by: Lossless Creative (
Drone & Camera Assistant: Nick Freeman

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