Battlefield 4: PS4 vs. Xbox One – A Graphics Comparison

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While both consoles have yet to be officially released, a few comparisons on the graphics capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One have been doing the rounds today, and allowed to be posted online for public scrutiny. The major game in question is EA and DICE’s Battlefield 4, which has been released for review in certain parts of the globe. It’s interesting to note that both versions of the game have been upscaled to 1080p; the PS4 upscaling from a 1600x900px resolution, and the Xbox One from 1280x720px.

One of the earliest such comparisons came from Digital Foundry, who had the following statement in this regard:

“Needless to say, there are some basic differences in image quality that need knocking on the head right away. Chief among them is the hot topic of internal resolution, where we determine that the Xbox One code is indeed running at 1280×720. If this is set in stone for release – as is likely – the Microsoft version is poised to give us the most aliasing of the two next-gen platforms by a noticeable degree, and is only a stone’s throw from the sub-720p resolutions of current-gen releases. On the other hand, the PS4 version delivers a whopping 1600×900 resolution in all modes, giving it a 50 per cent lead in output pixels overall. As well as cutting down on jagged edges, this reduces the amount of pixel shimmer we see in motion on complex shaders or thin geometry, with distant power lines, scaffolding and other elements with sub-pixel elements creating unwanted flickering on Xbox One….In our single-player tests, it is clearly the PS4 code that is the ascendant.”

They also managed to publish some details in regards to the framerates achieved by both consoles during gaming. Performances from both consoles hover around the 60fps mark in a single-player campaign mode. In some of the more graphics-intensive scenes, though, the Xbox One is noted as dropping down to the 36fps mark, while the PS4 maintains a higher framerate.

IGN, arguably the biggest game reviewing company, also posted their own comparisons:

Throwing in my two cents: The experts may go on for ages as to which is the better of the two next-gen consoles, and despite the PS4 the clear winner in the graphics test in this case, at the end of the day, many PC graphics cards are able to handle full 1080p resolution graphics of the game without any issues.

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