It's Batman Versus Punisher In This Amazing Fan-Made Trailer

Youtuber Stryder HD has perfectly imagined Batman versus Punisher in an awesome new fan-made trailer starring Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal as their respective characters.

Using clips from Daredevil (Season 2), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), the Justice League Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) and Batman: Arkham Knight, Matthew Anthony, aka Stryder HD, gives us a brief look at what a big screen showdown between The Dark Knight and Frank Castle could be.

The video also highlights some of the similarities between the two. When you think about it Batman and Punisher have quite a lot in common. They both lost their family to criminals. They both fight crime as regular people without super powers. They both have mean tempers. They are both skilled fighters. In fact, the only major differences between the two is their viewpoint on killing. For Batman, it’s a no. But Castle is willing to send anyone out of line to an early grave.

The more you think about it, this would be a really epic fight. Before we get to the “Who would win?” question, it’s important to note that the two characters actually did face off in the comic books before, in 1994’s Deadly Knights.

A few months after Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire, Punisher found himself back in Gotham. Batman watching from a distance, decided to act before Punisher destroyed everything and everyone, including Joker. In the comic, Punisher hits Batman in a two-page splash, which Batman shrugs off and says, “I let you have that one because you probably think that I deserved it.” Batman prevents him from landing another punch and reiterates his threat to put him away if he ever returns to Gotham. Batman won – well, kinda.

Either way, this Batman versus Punisher video is quite fun:

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